PCB Materials

pCB Materials

PI Polyacrylamide Resin Base Material: it is used for flexible plates (FPC) and suitable for high temperature requirements

Phenolic Paper Substrate (MENA grade): it can be punched, and the common types are FR-2, XXX-PC and so on

Epoxy Paper Substrate (MENA grade): the property of Epoxy Paper Substrate is better than Phenolic Paper Substrate and the common types are CEM-1, FR-3

Epoxy Fiberglass Board (MENA grade): it is reinforced with glass fiber cloth and has excellent mechanical properties and the common types are FR-4, FR-5, G-10, G-11

Non-woven Glass Fiber Polyester Substrate (MENA grade): it is suitable for some special usage and the common types are FR-6

NOTE: Code Red Tronics provides Industrial Grade FR-4 for highly professional PCBs as well as standard grade Bakelite Copper Clad for all variety of purposes.