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We Are Code red tronics

Code Red Tronics, originally named Code Red Tech, is a PCB manufacturing firm based in Lahore, Pakistan. Run by a group of highly professional experts of the field, Code Red Tronics boasts of its high quality PCB designs, made using a variety of the company’s unique methods.

The firm aims to provide the best, high quality PCB products throughout the country at costs that will surely amaze you.

Field Experts

The PCBs designed here are properly checked by experts so that there is zero margin of any electrically inconsistent error in the products. These professionals carry out the research to improve the quality as well as the extent of services Code Red Tronics provides.

So what are you waiting for? The opportunity of having the best PCB products for your projects is now here.

We value quality

The assurance of quality is of the first priority for us and so we make no compromise whatsoever in providing our customers the best quality possible.​

We Value Your Time​

Time is something that is just too valuable in this modern era. Therefore we work harder to complete your products in a speedy time.

We Provide The Best Services​

The basic services like masking, plating, drilling and much more are always available no matter what. In addition we provide clients with services like PCB reports and optical checking which can't be found anywhere in Pakistan.

We Interact With You​

The clients are always open heartedly welcomed to negotiations as well as detailed queries which will be addressed by the experts of PCB manufacturing present here at Code Red Tronics.

Time and Quality Matters

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

The aim for this firm is to create an honest line of work which will mark a new era of PCB manufacturing in Pakistan.

Our researchers, workers and experts are working day and night to enhance the PCB industry in the country and eventually surpass the levels of international PCB market.

Our past projects

Our best PCBs so far

The work of our team is highly praised by our clients and here is a small glimpse of what we created as a company. And this is only the beginning. We are aiming for so much more.


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