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Avail yourself with our best services for single as well as double sided PCB’s manufactured with options such as masking, coating, drilling and much more. You can count on us as the best PCB manufacturer in Pakistan.

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Single Sided PCBs

The most technologically sound single sided PCBs with all the next mentioned features.

Double Sided PCBs

Double sided PCBs made with vias with the availability of Through Hole Plating soon.

PCB design

Professional PCB designers are available to optimally design PCBs for you.


PCBs are masked with soothing colors of your choice to give them a classy look.

Metal Plating

To make the PCBs look even better, we provide coatings of tin, silver, palladium and more.


The holes for pads and vias are properly drilled with exact measurements given in Gerbers.

Track Checking

The tracks are triple checked for QC and assurance of track isolation is given.

Full PCB report

A complete report containing vital information about the PCB is provided.

Component Soldering

Professional workers solder the components for you to give you the best final product.

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